• Andrew Locke

    Managing Director
    M: 0401 714 834
    P: 03 5244 7812

    I love keeping fit (including running marathons), the mighty Pies and being involved in my kid’s activities. In line with my mantra that no day should be wasted, my local hero is Graham Goldsworthy – what he has done for the local community of Geelong is phenomenal.

  • Brendan Peck

    Brendan Peck

    Sales Director
    M: 0421 615 002
    P: 03 5244 7826

    I follow the Pies yet my local heroes are people who willing give time to help others in their communities.

  • Ash Dowie

    Chief Operating Officer
    M: 0437 583 544
    P: 03 5221 6644

    Born and raised in a Queensland country town, I’ve been reading economics and financial literature from early teens, so it was always a natural progression into financial advice, which I’ve been doing for well over a decade.

  • Robyn Nisbet

    Operations Manager
    M: 0400 379 162
    P: 03 5244 7852
  • Mara McDonald

    Training and Development Manager
    M: 0423 637 197
    P: 03 5244 7821

    I have a passion for travel and lived (and shopped) in Europe for 7 years. I’m always keen to try new things, which is why my career has taken me from radio presenter, to personal trainer, to learning and development, where I have spent the last 20 years. People and Communication are my thing and the reason,  after all this time, I still love what I do.

  • Michael Wolfe

    M: 0400 525 771
    P: 03 5244 7838

    My favourite TV show at the moment is The Big Bang Theory. Call me quirky but there’s a little bit of Sheldon Cooper in all of us. (You know I'm right!!)

  • Maryanne Cleasby

    Accounts Supervisor/CBS Administrator
    M: 0403 151 179
    P: 03 5244 7819
  • Laura Collings

    Compliance & Audit Supervisor
    P: 03 5244 7816
  • Emma Tyler

    Marketing and Community Supervisor
    M: 0429 313 479
    P: 03 5244 7860