What to do in the event of an emergency

Please contact your local Account Manager or the Claims Department as soon as possible.


  1. Make sure your property is secure and any danger to you or your visitors is removed
  2. Contact SES if necessary
  3. Take photographs of the damage
  4. If roof damage is suspected, arrange temporary repairs to ensure no further damage occurs
  5. If damage to electrical items, switch off mains and contact an electrician
  6. Contact plumbers in the event of a leaking pipe
  7. In the event of theft or malicious damage, contact the police and ensure doors and windows are secured
  8. If floor coverings are damaged, seek assistance of a carpet restorer as soon as possible


  1. Make sure your vehicle is secure to prevent any further damage or loss
  2. If your vehicle cannot be driven, contact the following to arrange a tow to the 
    nearest repairer:
    GEELONG – 5277 2111
    All Other Areas – Please contact the nearest towing company
  3. If the third party is at fault, obtain the driver’s name, residential address, registration and license number.
  4. Please complete a Motor Vehicle claim form and send to our office so a claim can be lodged